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My journey into the cake world started shortly after a long career in the public sector came to an end after 18 years of service as a community development officer.


I found myself kind of lost initially BUT found freedom to explore in areas I would have never been able to do in my previous career. The adventure to start in the caking industry, where I could unleash my artistry skills started about 2 years ago. I was able to unleash my inner artist that was buried for so many years…. Can you believe I actually lost my art portfolio on the day of submission when I was in my last year of secondary school? And never pursued the world of art until now!


Having attended a number of courses, watched endless YouTube tutorials and completed a Diploma in a PME Sugar Craft School, I finally decided that I wanted to work on building my own business. Cakes By La'Chi was created, making bespoke cakes for people who admired and appreciated the work that goes into making their special cake.



Our aim is to always deliver more than our customer wants both in design and taste, making your cake a showpiece that will WOW your guests. 

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