All prices listed are just a guide and dependant on final flavour and design. For a square cake in the equivalent sizes below, please add £5.00 to each as a starting price.

Round cakes:

5inch - serves approx 8                      from £35.00
6inch - serves approx 15                    from £40.00

7inch - serves approx 18                    from £45.00
8inch - serves approx 28                   from £50.00
10inch-serves approx 38                   from £65.00
12inch-serves approx 56                   from £80.00
14inch serves approx 78                    from £95.00


Box of 6 plain swirl butter cream                       £10.00

Box of 6 simply decorated                                   £12.50

Box of 6 with handmade fondant toppers        £15.00

Tray Bakes and treats


9' x 12' tray

Vanila Jam and Coconut Sponge                           £10.00

Chocolate sponge with icing                                  £10.00

Vanilla sponge icing and sprinkles                        £10.00

Caramel tart tray bake                                           £12.00

Lemon sponge and lemon icing                            £10.00

Red Velvet and white chocolate buttercream             £15.00


Decorated tray bakes with a personalised message also available from £25.00 

Coming soon...

Lemon meringue tarts

Millie feuille 


Please note all our cakes are home baked and hand decorated, tailoring each order to your  requirements

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